While the post-healthcare reform landscape may be challenging to navigate, you don’t have to do it alone. Aldera’s deep knowledge of the terrain and our flexible payer platform prepare healthcare payers and administrators to face uncertainties with confidence.

Can your business quickly respond to an empowered consumer, engaged provider, new regulation and increased competition?

  • The breadth of functionality in Aldera's system is really good.

    Multinational Systems Integrator
  • The system's framework is dynamic given the ever-changing world of healthcare, and I really like the flexibility and the ability to modify the code.

    Patient-Centered Solutions Provider in the Midwest
  • Aldera's system is highly configurable and it handles group billing really well.

    Multinational Systems Integrator
  • The Aldera system is customizable to whatever changes we require.

    200,000-Member Health Plan in the South
  • I like the configurability of the portal and its ability to integrate into the Core Administration System.

    Patient-Centered Solutions Provider in the Midwest
  • I trust Aldera!

    --CEO, Multi-Million Member Ancillary Benefits Company in the Southwest
  • Our portal implementation has had high availability, excellent performance and reliable operations and the Aldera team has been responsive and flexible.

    --CTO, 45,000-Member Health Plan in the Southeast