Leverage data to increase efficiency and drive down cost

In the rapidly evolving marketplace, data empowers clinical and business decision-making. Health informatics solutions are critical in extracting insight from the mass of data. And the insights are instrumental in helping to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Today, the advantage of key tools like data analytics—paired with the integration of claims and clinical data—can result in the full view of patient health and care history. The Aldera platform offers health informatics to help you identify high risk populations and proactively manage care and compare program values and costs.

  • Configure: The Aldera payer platform includes more than 200 standard parameter-driven reports. Standard reports can be exported to Microsoft® Excel®, text (CSV) or XML formats. Report generation is fully-configurable and can be automated through the built-in scheduling capabilities and defined on set schedules, or run on-demand by users.
  • Access: Aldera has developed a Relational Data Mart (RDM) to support client ad hoc reporting and data analysis requirements. The RDM can be used with Microsoft SSRS, Analyzer™ from Strategy Companion, or any third party business intelligence (BI) or reporting tool.