Respond quickly in the face of volatility, growth and shifts

In the rapidly evolving marketplace, the drive towards interoperability and performance-based delivery of care is synonymous with real-time processing. The industry requires new levels of efficiency while imposing increasingly complex transactions and business processes.

Aldera’s platform is fully integrated, completely web-architected, and rules-based, making it the efficient, flexible, high performance choice. The platform is a single system, functionally equipped with the components you need to optimize administration today, and others you may activate as you grow. Rapidly build and deploy new business lines, products and processes to quickly adapt to and anticipate change. Accelerate innovation and speed-to-market. And experience a lower total cost of ownership.

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Core Administration
  • Claims Management
  • Financial Management
  • Customer Service
  • Member Management
  • Benefit Plan Management
  • Provider Management
  • Group Management
  • Agency Broker Management
Private Portals
Health Informatics