Realize the promise of cost-savings and improved clinical outcomes

Engaging in new collaborative healthcare with multiple providers, health systems—and even other payers—requires tailored core system technology to help achieve the benefits of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Physician Service Organizations (PSOs), or medical homes.

Aldera’s payer platform, architecture and business model represent the market’s most ACO-ready core administrative and financial management system designed to help manage and mitigate the ever-shifting risk and responsibility associated with these emerging models and ultimately payer-provider collaboration.

  • Deploy with immediacy: Administer healthcare business transactions at the point of sale, care and decision.
  • Automate: Tie reimbursements to quality metrics, reductions in the total cost of care and patient satisfaction.
  • Realize more efficiencies:
    • Pre- and post-adjudication
    • Program and population management
    • Episodic, performance-based contracting, including mixed Fee-For-Service & Capitated contract management
    • Clinical Support/Integration