We believe that bettering the business of healthcare begins with empowering customers


Aldera is the new name for Healthation. Healthation accelerated the business of healthcare. Aldera brings the focus and foresight to improve it. While our name has changed, our solutions remain resilient. Our service remains deeply rooted in customer commitment. The post-healthcare reform landscape is a frontier fraught with challenges. Our expert knowledge of the terrain and our flexible payer platform prepares healthcare payers and administrators to confidently navigate the shifts.


Aldera takes its name from Alderamin, the brightest star in the northern constellation Cepheus, whose celestial path made it a dependable indicator of direction. Translated, Alderamin means “the right arm”. Our knowledge and expertise have made us adept at navigating the new healthcare environment. Aldera not only helps orient and position you for success, Aldera is the steadfast partner who helps you achieve it.


Because we are seasoned industry experts who are skilled in the intricacies of the terrain, Aldera is uniquely able to outfit our customers with an adaptable, rules-based platform that offers flexibility and quick response in the face of industry volatility, company growth, shifts and changes. The business of healthcare is fraught with complexity, but one thing is certain. With Aldera’s intuitive solutions and expert guidance by your side, you are ready to handle today’s fluctuations and solve tomorrow’s challenges.


We empower our customers to facilitate the business of healthcare through an advanced core administrative system and collaborative, open solutions that allow you to thrive in the post-healthcare reform era. Our comprehensive platform, paired with our resilient solutions, dedicated partnership and deep expertise, offer advantages that enable you to:

  • Capitalize on new, post-ACA market opportunities
  • Improve operational efficiency and decrease costs
  • Address unique requirements and increased complexity of individual markets
  • Assure readiness for new payment reimbursement models

Company History

Aldera™, founded in 2002 as Healthation, is a privately-held portfolio member company of Catfish Fund I, L.P., an alternative investment fund focused on growth equity in the healthcare technology, healthcare services and software sectors. In June 2013, the company received a $14 million Series B investment led by ABS Capital Partners, a leading investor in later-stage growth companies, with participation from Hughes & Company and existing investor Catfish Fund.

Having pioneered the first commercially-available pharmacy benefit management systems more than 20 years ago, Aldera’s founders have successfully transferred their real-time system design expertise to the larger healthcare market. As a result, no other system is better prepared to meet the demands of fully-integrated and automated benefits administration at the points of decision, care and sale.

Today, Aldera supports 42 payers and administrators representing more than 36 million individuals across all lines of business in commercial and government markets.

Advance with confidence.